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MYT Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, founded in 1994, specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing two way radios and related accessories. Equipped with a group of professional engineers and advanced facilities, we nowadays are able to accept substantial OEM and ODM production orders.

In the before dozens of years, we put plenty of funds for new products design to route development of the self-owner brand. By now, we have got a good reputation of ...

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 MYT get many letters patents2016-1-4
 Hot line:400 1819 7002016-1-4
 MYT new ISO90012016-1-4
 MYT walkie new listing ... TYT-8800 Value-...2015-5-23
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Digital Handheld RadioModel:MYT-DM318
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Digital Handheld RadioModel:MYT-DM215
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CB RadioModel:MYT-925
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Digital Handheld RadioModel:MYT-DM311
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Dual band Dual display IP66Model:MYT-Q9
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Tel : +86 595 26666768
Fax : +86 595 26666759
E-mail : myt@myt123.com
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Address : Branch Road 1, Nan’an Optoelectronics Information Industry Base, Quanzhou city, Fujian, China 362302
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